Split W​/​Weekly Words And Grammar

by Shotgun Guy

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This is my 5th split to date, and it's with the fantastic Weekly Words And Grammar! I'm very stoked with how this split has turned out and I think the overall sound is outstanding! I hope some of you feel the same. Thanks for checking it out! luv u


released December 8, 2016

Shotgun Guy is Micah Jordan
Guest vocals on respective tracks by Got Item!, Go:Eskimo, and Muffin (of Muffin & Cupcake)
Saxaphone in track 4 by Adam Smith

Weekly Words And Grammar Is Michael Risser

Artwork by Mike R.



all rights reserved


Micah Jordan Henderson, Kentucky

All my projects/bands releases will go here. I do a lot of stuff. Check it out.

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Track Name: Exit The Fucking Dragongly!!! Ft. Got Item!
So much for Spyro's hottest adventure ever
Even his new breaths won't free him from
this terror
Based on his past journey's he never would've
he'd end up being such a fucking helpless dragon

Chasing down dragonflies
trying to catch them, in bubbles
like a fucking 5 year old
Who also happens to spit lightning bolts
Ripto is back with another attack
Stealing the dragonflies from the dragon realm
His Rhynocs overtake all of the portals
It's a good thing spyro's pretty much immortal

Space Rhynocs in UFO's
Abducting Cows, what a fucking joke
Speed runs just to spark some poles
the required precision makes me wanna choke

Like a fucking moron, his plan backfires
Dragonflies are scattered throughout the realm
When Crush lets him know of his misfortune
He sends Him and Gulp right back to hell

what kind of villian kills his own henchman
now he must fight spyro all on his own

the one single boss that i will defeat
to be victorious will be the easiest feat
Track Name: Teenage Mutant Zero Turtles Ft. Go:Eskimo
The Zero Turtles are at it again
fighting battles they cannot win
but after a shitty kick, Mikey broke his shin
"we've gotta get outta here!" Leonardo says

Foot soldiers hone in on the downed prey
The turtles know that they aren't here to
shivering in terror they begin to pray
repeated stomps darken their days

Hauled off and dumped in a landfill
The Zero Turtles may be gone for good
Shredder and his army of well trained ninjas
proceed to enact their plans on the world
Track Name: Ecco Of Despair Ft. Muffin
The tides of time are wearing thin
There's not much left for us to take pride in
All my friends have been taken away
Someplace where I hope they won't stay

Mortal corpses single file
prepare for something truly vile

But I'm worried that no matter what i do
I won't be able to find you
Out in the ocean I search for days
No matter where i look, you aren't there to play ;(

Searching will gain you nothing
nobody can grant you your blessings

The more that I'm engraged by failure
the more that i need to win
i refuse to return to the empty ocean
that i started out in
Track Name: Fear Is The Mind Killer Ft. Go:Eskimo
i must not fear
fear is, the mind killer
fear is, the little death
that brings, total oblivion

hulking out i'm a fucking monster
pussy bitch i'm a fucking loser
they call me a sidekick for good reason
I'm barely helpful during any season

Where ya been now, Earthworm Bubba?
The enchanted sword's been looking for ya
You fucked up the past and now the present's worse
I'll stand idoly by whilst you destroy the "curse"

Don't you fucking forget this bitch
without me you don't know shit
I'm the hero here
sidekick of the year?

Don't you fucking forget
I'm the real hero here
If it weren't for me, you'd be shit
can I at least get sidekick of the year
Track Name: Weekly Words And Grammar - Misplaced Nostalgia
I always thought that those were better days
Eyes wide open, eyes full of innocence
But time and distance causes memory to fade
Rose tinted glasses, lenses cracking in the frame

My past is lost, buried under heavy days
Time slipping through our hands like sand within the waves
Bleached bones of friends forgotten
Growing paler in the sun

I always thought that those were better days
Eyes wide open, eyes full of innocence
But time and distance causes memory to fade
Rose tinted glasses, lenses cracking in the frame

Empty days of misspent hours
Wandering with little else to do
How I would kill to taste those seconds to my tongue
Recapture bitter memories of misbegotten youth

But now it’s far too late

I always thought that those were better days
Eyes wide open, eyes full of innocence
But time and distance causes memory to fade
Rose tinted glasses, lenses cracking in the frame
Track Name: Weekly Words And Grammar - Fighting Fire With Fire
Burn me to a cinder
Render unto ash
Pointed words as tinder
Vaporize the past
Smolder under skin
Conflagrate this empty vessel

We stood together
In patchwork waste
Hours, days we spent aflame
Now lost forever
No more to gain
Towers that we built in vain

As one possessed, my bright obsession
Suffer this for your transgression

The pyre built will soon be feasting on your bones
In retribution for the wicked things you’ve always done
I threw my barbs at you like flares across the sea
I could never forget you, so tell me how you forget me?

How could I have known?
How could I forgive?
How can I forget the things you did?

Burn these memories from me
Replace my heart with stormy sea
Track Name: Weekly Words And Grammar - Just Eat It
Force down my
Force down my words of wisdom
Choke on my
Choke on my epic fruit

I gave you one more option:Just swallow it
You can follow me forever, we’re best friends

We start off faceless
We become sure
When we have eaten
The grand allure

I told you just to eat it
Listen to me
Track Name: Weekly Words And Grammar - The Forgotten Sea
Turn the ship out from the bay
Far from land let’s sail away
Leave your home, leave all you’ve known
Your face, your fears, your tree, your stone

Make your choice, what will it be?
The land you know? Forgotten sea?
Make your choice, what will it be?
The land you know or the forgotten sea?

And who will even mind?
Who will even remember you?
Will you make your mark or will you just fade away?
And who would even mind?
Who would even remember you?
Will you make your mark and will you sail away?

Sail away
Come sail away