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debut demo from another new project, PAHIYM! This has been in the works for over half a year now, and i'm stoked to finally have this to show for it! Thanks in advanced for listening!


released January 6, 2017

Guitar/bass/vocals/production/recording: Micah Jordan
Drums, bass, vocals: Malcom Mcelvain

Artwork by Micah

audio sample in track 2 from the Earthworm Jim Animated series



all rights reserved


Micah Jordan Henderson, Kentucky

All my projects/bands releases will go here. I do a lot of stuff. Check it out.

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Track Name: As It Turns Out, We Were Better Off
glancing back to
memories of you
forcing them out
like you would do
breaking away
why won't you stay
we feel alone
is it okay

it seems like i'm always stuck in 3 years ago
will it ever stop weighing on me, i don't know

my mind, forever a vault
full of distorted happiness
as it awaits it's own fall
it crumbles under the pressure

as i imagine it
another fucking bit
where i'm left in a situation
just to feel like shit
bring myself to my knees
I only wanted repreive
instead what i receive
driving intent to not breath
Track Name: No Longer A Super Hero
Slaving away, everyday
No time to rest, much to my dismay
Quickly broken down, diminished to a frown
Smoke the pain away, with nothing much to say

as stability escapes my grasp
With loosened fingers, I collapse
Screaming my sorrows to hollow ears
How will I hold on to the years

time after time
i'm proven wrong
just another testmament
to my swan song
the worst has yet to come
and I'm already suffering
years passed so slowly
now years pass so quickly

dying faster everyday
is it okay or am I just numb
is everyone around me just numb

all my feelings are dying
believe me or am I lying
It's hard to tell, even for myself

who are we
Track Name: Sink Or Sink
my proud moments elude me
no recollections of positivity
emptiness gathers around me
it's built up around me failing

false sense of accomplishments
enshroud my reality
my bitter, bitter reality
i remember everything
i know i can't grow if i'm scared
but what is left to grow
when you're content with being nothing
there's nowhere for me to go
just promise to leave me something

we always try to keep ourselves afloat
but also want to rely on a certain boat
and if you never put it into perspective
we all float forever no sinking no swimming

detrimentally i am locked in place
stationary as i take up space
and the face that i see
always disappoints me
Track Name: Judgmentality
I try so hard to better myself every day
and at the end of each one, i feel more ashamed
no progress to show for, nothing worth your time
just another day in which
i'm too scared to cross the line

so much to live for supposedly
yet i still feel so poorly
on the inside i am locked away
even if i break free, i'm still a prisoner

will i ever break free
i need this prisons safety
i know you're gonna judge me
for much more than i can see